Support and recovery in crisis conditions

The mental center “TOGETHER”, since it opened its doors in June 2023, has undertaken a responsible mission – to help those who most need support in the conditions of military crisis and social changes. More than 500 people have already received qualified psychological help by attending our events and consultations, which emphasizes the importance and effectiveness of our programs.

Support for internally displaced persons (IDPs)
As part of the official Memorandum with the city of Lviv, our psychologists visit modular towns and dormitories for IDPs three times a week. The goal is to provide emotional support and help through these difficult times. Every Wednesday is devoted to trainings in support groups in the modular town in Sikhiv, and Thursdays – on Ternopilska Street. These meetings are key to strengthening the mental balance and psychological stability of the participants.

Activities for children
We pay special attention to children who have become orphans or suffered from war. Children are the most vulnerable category, and it is important to help them overcome negative experiences. Every Saturday we organize fun activities for children, such as gingerbread baking workshops, tattooing, and other activities. These events are aimed at bringing back to children the joy and lightness of childhood.

Cooperation with international organizations
We are also partners of the Hungarian Ecumenical Aid Service in Ukraine. This cooperation allows us to expand our capabilities and organize additional group trainings and consultations. Our work with our Hungarian partners provides even more support to those in need.

Recognition in the media
Our efforts and events are regularly covered in the media, including the TV channels ICTV, Inter, First Western TVC, PravdaTut and others. This helps draw public attention to the importance of psychological support in crisis situations.

Mental center “TOGETHER” continues its mission of support and assistance, demonstrating that joint efforts can overcome even the most difficult challenges. We are committed to supporting and rebuilding our community, working every day to make a difference for the better.