Mental center TOGETHER

Created by the "GOOD HEARTS TOGETHER" charity foundation to provide free, high-quality psychological support to Ukrainians affected by the war. Our goal is to provide access to professional psychological services for Armed Forces soldiers, their families, internally displaced persons, and anyone who needs help in these difficult times. We believe in the power of community and the importance of psychological stability to the recovery and development of our nation."

Today, not everyone has the financial opportunity to receive psychological rehabilitation.
We are not left out.

We are a national platform founded by the charity fund «GOOD HEARTS TOGETHER» as part of the Miami Loves Ukraine program. Our work is aimed at providing online and offline psychological support to all Ukrainians affected by the war

Our mission

To become the leading national resource for providing psychological rehabilitation and support in Ukraine. We strive to create a strong, mutually supportive community where every Ukrainian affected by the war can find recovery, hope and support. We spread the light of hope and positive change by providing access to high-quality psychological services and increasing awareness of the importance of mental health in today’s society.

Our project

The mental center “TOGETHER”, since it opened its doors in June 2023, has undertaken a responsible mission – to help those who most need support in the conditions of military crisis and social changes. More than 500 people have already received qualified psychological help by attending our events and consultations, which emphasizes the importance and effectiveness of our programs.

We provide psychological counseling for children and adults, in particular:

Therapists of the TOGETHER mental center will help with questions that arise in various life situations


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What will you get from working with us?

Working with our psychologists contributes to mental health, balance and improvement of a person's quality of life. Take care of your psychological stability and health.

How does it work?

Ready to get started?

It is a safe space where people feel trusted and confident that they will experience quality and effective psychotherapy at any point in their lives, no matter what the problem is.

Work formats

Taking care of psychological health is a modern trend. We consider psychological health no less important than physical health. In life, there are often moments when we are haunted by feelings of anxiety that are incomprehensible at first glance or situations that are difficult to talk about even with close people. It is at such moments that a qualified specialist can come to the rescue.

We will help you find a specialist according to your request. Our goal is to make the process of finding a psychologist as easy and comfortable as possible.

We understand how embarrassing it is to take the first step to change in your life, so we will be there and support you on this way

Our upcoming events

Our team

Our psychologists and psychotherapists have many years of practical experience and work with various requests. A team of psychologists is an important element in many areas where there are problems and a need for psychological support, understanding human behavior and solving emotional, psychological or behavioral problems. The work of this team is based on knowledge, experience and professional ethics.

Our values

Take the first step!
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